Our Mission

Early in his career, our founder Mark Giesting worked for a financial services firm that helped funeral directors across the country provide peace of mind to the families they served. Confronted with the reality and finality of the end of life issues, he developed a passion for living a meaningful, fulfilling life without regret. This experience renewed his sense of personal and professional purpose, calling Mark to focus his time and energy on working directly with clients who could benefit from his counsel and guidance.

For more than 15 years, Giesting Financial has partnered with individuals and families to offer sound advice in pursuit of their most important goals. Our mission is to help each and every client make wise financial decisions so they can truly get the most out of life. When you choose Giesting Financial, we respond by delivering comprehensive planning which addresses your needs and empowers you to concentrate on life’s memorable moments, deep friendships, and hard-earned accomplishments.

The confidence you place in us as your trusted advisers is something we take very seriously. Serving as fiduciaries, we fully align our interests with yours, ensuring your aspirations and objectives remain our top priority. Ultimately, it is our goal that the relationship we build and nurture will enable you to lead a more rewarding life.