A Message From Mark

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many successful men and women. These inspiring people have excelled in a variety of areas – business, sports, academics, and more. However, what stands out most is not their separate talents, it’s the one trait they have in common. Each of them has been surrounded by a strong support system that has molded and shaped their lives.

Reflecting on my own path to becoming a financial advisor, I recognized that much like these successful friends, colleagues, and clients I, too, have been profoundly influenced by a few important individuals. Their guidance, which I share with you now, paved the way to making me the person I am today.

The first of my three mentors was my father, Virgil “Cap” Giesting. One of 10 children, he began working at an early age after suffering the sudden loss of his father, the family’s breadwinner. By the time he was raising kids of his own, Dad juggled two jobs just to make ends meet. Although I didn’t fully appreciate it back then, even in the tightest of times we were extremely blessed. He not only instilled in us the value of a hard work ethic, he also urged me and my siblings to pursue an education that gave us the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

My formative years also provided me with a second mentor, my grandpa, Richard Wallpe. Along with my grandmother, he owned and managed a small general store. Weekends and summers spent with him taught me more about being an entrepreneur than I could have ever hoped to learn in a classroom. The example of trust and integrity he passed on to me through ordinary interactions remains a cornerstone of all my relationships.

Already fortunate to grow up with two strong role models, I was further blessed to marry into a family that would give me a third – my father-in-law, Richard Whittleton. Shortly after I married my wife, Denise, Dick sat me down to talk about living debt free and saving for retirement. He was instrumental in showing me how to steward my money and achieve my family’s goals, unknowingly leading me to a career where I could do the same for others.

Today, I try to repay the debt I owe these three wonderful individuals by offering financial guidance to our clients. From small decisions to major life transitions, I am here to help you make wise financial decisions so you, too, may achieve your goals.

Together, let’s get the most out of life!

Mark Giesting

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